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Vacancy in Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant

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Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant is actively growing enterprise for manufacture of sunflower oil, fuel pellets, seed meal, wheat, corn. We have everything you need to perform the entire cycle of production from cultivation to refining.

The plant opened in 2009, when the first processing workshop was built. Today, we continue to evolve, so for a quick implementation of the tasks we need qualified employees.

Сегодня у нас открыты вакансии:
- installers;
- drivers;
- combiners;
- tractor drivers;
- locksmiths.

If you have a desire to earn adequately, we invite you for an interview to our factory.


Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant offers good conditions for staff, registration of labor legislation, social guarantees. Choosing a job with us, you get to do things you love, get decent pay for your work.

Job at our plant is associated with the cultivation of land, cultivation, harvesting, processing of raw materials, delivery of products. We use imported equipment, combines, tractors of advanced models produced by plants in USA, Germany. Our equipment is easy to operate, manage, so the work in the field will not be conjugate with irrational physical effort. We made sure that our production was the most mechanized, so our employees do not have to do hard labor.

If you are interested in our offer, we invite you to pass an interview, the results of which you can get a good job with a decent income. You'll have all the legal benefits, social guarantees. We'll make sure that you quickly joined our team, and were able to realize all of your professional skills.