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Construction of LLC "Creamery Tretyakovsky" began in 2009. Initially it was a processing plant of sunflower which productivity was 10 tons / day. Capacity increased gradually. In order to increase production and to improve the quality of the products the construction of an oil extraction plant of processing of sunflower was launched with capacity of 150 tons / day. In 2011, the plant was put into operation. Currently the volume of processing of sunflower has reached 300 tons / day. During the month more than 4 000 tones of sunflower oil and 3,500 tons of seed meal are produced.

There is the elevator on the territory of the factory, the producing of sunflower is 32,400 tons of raw materials per year and 60 000 tons of grain per year. Extension of the elevator is in progress now. In the near future we plan to build a plant of refining and deodorization of oil, packaging guild. This is not the limit. In its work LLC "Creamery Tretyakovsky" uses equipment of companies: "Troika" India, «RIELA» Germany, «AgGrowthInternationalInc» Canada.


Whereby we make

We cultivate
We cultivate sunflowers, corn, wheat. Our factory uses in production raw materials grown on our own fields.

We harvest
In agricultural activities agricultural engineers, tractor-drivers, combiners, equipment mechanics with high skills are employed.
We produce
We supply products of excellent quality, in which we are sure on one hundred percent. Independent performance of the entire production cycle allows us to achieve such indicators.

Our advantages

Our manufacture

01. Quality

Products manufactured on the Tretyakovsky creamery, are produced from own raw materials grown in our fields. Processing workshops are equipped with imported equipment, quality control systems, which allows us to maintain a perfect level of quality indicators of sunflower oil and other goods.

02. Reliability

Tretyakovsky Creamery specializes in the production of sunflower oil of premium grade. We comply with GOST and TU, production technologies, consider the wishes of consumers. Cooperating with our factory you get all the guarantees in accordance with international standards and high-quality, useful products.

03. Reputation

Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant during the period of its activity in the market has earned the trust of consumers, a positive reputation among the partners. We take care that our work benefits the customers and the products comply the wishes of customers. For this purpose the entire production cycle of our factory is built on the application of high quality raw materials, modern equipment and compliance with existing standards.

The main direction of our plant is the production of sunflower oil of first grade. We chose this business because it is necessary for people and non-waste. Demand for sunflower oil is high enough in the domestic market and abroad. It is used in the food industry, canning, paint and varnish manufacture.

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