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The main direction of our plant is the production of sunflower oil of first grade. We chose this business because it is necessary for people and non-waste. Demand for sunflower oil is high enough in the domestic market and abroad. It is used in the food industry, canning, paint and varnish manufacture.

Our factory has its own fields where sunflowers is growing. We strictly observe all agrotechnical standards, so our crops differs quality, environmental friendliness, a lot of useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Our range of products that we produce from sunflower, includes:

Sunflower oil Fuel pellets Seed meal


In the production of oil is obtained not only a final product but also plant residues. Our factory rationally approaches the use of natural resources, so the processing of raw materials we will not have waste. We use all that remains from the production of oil - husk, meal, oilcake.

From the husks we produce fuel pellets, which are widely used for heating private, industrial boiler houses, and seed meal realize to feed farm animals. Since we own are engaged in cultivation of raw materials, we can guarantee that all the offered products are environmentally friendly and match sanitary and hygienic standards, applicable standards and GOST.

Our Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant sunflower oil offers of first grade at an affordable price. Our products are characterized pleasant taste properties, are indispensable in the kitchen when cooking different dishes. It does not contain artificial additives or preservatives. Our natural oil made from sunflower grown in own fields of our factory. Also we are engaged in cultivation of corn and wheat, which are sent to sale after processing.