WE CULTIVATE - LLC "Creamery Tretyakovsky"

Sunflower, wheat, corn from own fields


Our company specializes in the production of sunflower oil, and the autonomy to handle all production cycle from cultivation of oilseeds to packaging of finished products. In addition, the range of products of our factory includes fuel pellets,seed meal, wheat, corn.

We have our own agricultural land which are reserved for the cultivation of oilseeds and other crops. It allows us to use in the manufacture of products raw materials of proven quality grown in environmentally friendly conditions, and not to depend on suppliers.

Conditions of cultivation

Our factory uses in production raw materials grown on our own fields. We have several hectares of land allotted for the field for wheat, corn, sunflower. Qualified agricultural engineers are engaged in growing agricultural crops, they take into account all the rules and regulations, natural, climatic and other factors that are required to obtain high yield.

We strictly adhere to the requirements for treatment of the soil, seasons of planting, have regular weeding fields. For sowing we use the seeds specially treated for increased resistance to pests, rotting and frost that allows high germination and get good yield.

Our factory uses agricultural crops which are grown for the production of oil, animal feed, fuel pellets, flour. To make our products meet all existing hygienic, sanitary standards, at cultivation of crops are not used chemicals for treatment of fields, synthetic fertilizers. As a result our corn, wheat, sunflower meet all established standards and are optimal for use in the manufacture of food products.

Having our own fields allows our plant to solve all the problems related to the production:
- to obtain raw materials for the production of oil;
- to comply with the quality of products;
- to keep up ecological purity of food products;
- to maintain reasonable prices, due to the lack of extra charges of raw materials established by suppliers.

Cultivation of raw materials on our own fields allows Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant to comply with all agrotechnical standards, and offer customers high quality products