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Fuel granules - pellets, is widely used recently, environmentally friendly biofuels, made by waste recycling of wood production. Pressed cylindrical pellets with a calorific value which can be compared with coal, relatively cheap in value fuel for automated industrial or domestic boilers.


ADVANTAGE of fuel pellets

In addition to its 100% ecological purity wood fuel pellets in the granules have a big advantage over conventional fuels. You can highlight their advantages such as:

Heat emission of pellets 2-3 times higher if compared to conventional wood, bark or wood chips. Increased dryness of granules plays a role, their moisture is only 7-10%,  when  moisture of usual wood ranges from 30 to 50%, besides the pellets have a half times higher density. Precisely these unique properties provide a high heat output.

- Indicators of combustion of these pellets are the best, almost like coal. Unlike coal, at equal generating  of heat  fuel pellets throw out  carbon dioxide 20-40 times less and form the ash 20 times less .

- Unlike fossil fuels (diesel, fuel oil, gas), which are easily ignited with an unpleasant smell and also pollute everything around by careless use, this biofuel due to its density and the absence of dust and spores is less prone to spontaneous combustion that in its turn provides security to the object that is equipped by pellet heating. In addition to this we can add that these pellets are burning without a smell, does not sparkle and do not shoot, do not give virtually smoke and soot and other harmful substances.

- Another important advantage of the fuel pellets is their high bulk density, which contributes to a relatively easy transportation of bulk fuel over long distances. The correct shape and size of pellets allows you to automate processes of their loading or unloading, and just burning.

- When storing this kind of fuel in times less takes place in a warehouse, compared with wood chips. also you can even keep them in the open air, because the granules repel moisture, rot, swell, mold.

- Rational use of waste, relatively low prices for fuel pellets used for heating, convenience of storage, full safety for people with allergies, high calorific value, biological purity and much more, all this speaks in favor of this type of biofuel as the most effective, high-quality and cost-effective.