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In agricultural activities agricultural engineers, tractor-drivers, combiners, equipment mechanics with high skills are employed.
 It allows us comply with all the requirements for the cultivation of oilseeds and other crops, and to achieve good yield.

Our machines for harvesting

Growing agricultural crops is a complicated and responsible process, the correctness of which depends on how good the harvest will be. It is necessary to prepare the ground well, to observe the time of sowing of seeds and gather the harvest timely.

 For these purposes, our Tretyakovsky oil extraction plant uses specialized equipment of import manufacture:

- tractors John Deere;
- combines Claas Dominator.

Our machines differs multifunctionality, convenience in management. It is specially designed for enterprises of medium level who are engaged in their own harvest for their production. All combines, tractors belong to our factory on the right of property, so rental price are not laid to the value of our products.

Using the combines of German production, tractors of the largest American brand, we can perform the harvest in the operational deadlines, cultivate the land and perform other agricultural work. All used equipment differ maneuverability, quality, convenience, functionality. Deliberate constructive fulfillment does not damage the fertile layer, and allows you to gather the harvest quickly without irrational losses on the field.

For assembling of grains our equipment has grain hoppers, due to special construction of the reapers and threshing machines fast processing of harvested cultures is provided with minimal losses and any damage of wheat, sunflower, corn. All equipment is in excellent condition, so the harvest season ends quickly and allows getting the highest quality grain.

Existence of own equipment which allows to solve problems quickly with harvesting allows us to minimize the costs of growing crops and to make the finished product more profitable for buyers